The MARTINEZ TAGLIAVIA are a Sicilian family living in Palermo and Sciacca for many generations. The origins of the family and its events are closely linked to the history of Sicily and dominances that have taken place in the island: Arabs, Normans, the Swabians, the Aragonese and the Spanish, the Bourbons.

In our family Martinez Tagliavia di S.Giacomo converge various genealogical lines; family today joins the two families of Martinez and Tagliavia following the marriage took place in 1910 by Baron Gaetano Martinez with the Marquise Lina Tagliavia di San Giacomo. Lina Tagliavia di San Giacomo was the last direct descendant of his house with her sister; from her marriage with Baron Gaetano Martinez was born Nino, who married the Nob. Eugenia Calascibetta.

The family is represented today by their son Baron Gaetano Martinez Tagliavia di San Giacomo, by his wife and children. Baron Gaetano Martinez Tagliavia di San Giacomo, in the Diplomatic Career, having spent many years in Rome and abroad decided to settle back in his hometown of Palermo in 2010, with his wife Virginia Fatta della Fratta. Once renovated and restored their properties at Palazzo Mango, they have settled permanently on the main floor, the “piano nobile”.

The family tree below comeback in the last three generations, and illustrates the families of the four quarters, each of which will give some historical outline.